Dark / Grey Windows 10 theme

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Dark / Grey Windows 10 theme



A dark windows 10 theme which can be used _without_ modifying system files or installing third party applications. This is a High Contrast theme so it might change the look of some applications, best try it for your self if it affects you. This is probably the best I can do with the limited Windows 10 theme capabilities, I urge you to request a Dark theme or an better theme engine from Microsoft.

To use the theme just copy the *.theme file to -> "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes"

If you don't trust a *.zip download (even though it only contains the theme file), just copy this pastebin into a new *.theme file.

*** Howto:
Here is a nice tutorial from user "vineyvande19" how to use the theme: www.winranx.com/enable-dark-mo…

*** Chrome Theme + Addons:
I have made fitting theme for chrome in themebeta: www.themebeta.com/files/chrome…
Or just search the store for dark themes.

If you want to change the style of the internet sites you visit you need to install Stylish extension for chrome:
Here is a list of themes I use: comments.deviantart.com/1/5820…
>> A great alternative which will just work for a lot of people > chrome.google.com/webstore/det…
I personally use a combination of both, my most visited sites use a custom theme and the rest ist dankend by the extension.

Please get the chrome team to work on the white flashes between page loads! productforums.google.com/forum…

*** Visual Studio fix:
If you need to fix syntax highlighting for visual studio, follow this: baba.yhaohao.com/questions/160…

If you share/post about this, please link to this site!

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